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Adult Chat Penis Sizes by Country

This study is the result of six months’ work in which we anonymously surveyed over 500,000 users of the adult random webcam chat site, Dirtyroulette All information presented in this study was collected voluntarily from users of the aforementioned website.

Between November 2015 and April 2016, random selected users of Dirtyroulette were presented with the ability to participate in an anonymous survey regarding their experience meeting men on the site.  One of the most interesting questions was related to which country had the most well-endowed men that they have seen on DirtyRoulette. Each participant was asked to select the country which was home to the men with the largest penises that they have connected to on the site. All countries in the world were available for selection in the survey.

The data collected was then used to create a detailed overview of which countries are home to the most well-endowed men. Below, we offer a table with the top 10 countries resulting from our study along with the percentage of participants who voted for those countries:

Top 10 Countries That Have The Most Well-Endowed Men According to Users of Dirtyroulette



Percentage of Selections







Puerto Rico






Czech Rep.












United Kingdom






We can clearly see from the above figures there is a significant gap between the top 4 countries and the rest. The Unites States received the most votes by a head, with 14.2% of the total picks, just 0.6% more than second placed Brazil, with Puerto Rico and Ghana rounding of the top 4. Interestingly, after the top 4 countries there was indecision among the users who were surveyed with no other country managing to take home more than 4.1% of the total votes and Cuba rounding off the top 10 with a measly 2.8% of the votes. There were several unlucky countries which received absolutely no selections including North Korea, China, Japan, Thailand, Iran, Indonesia, Iceland, India, and Pakistan.

We can breakdown the data to see which region is home to the most well-endowed men, as shown in the chart below:

penis sizes by region chart

Interestingly, when looking at the regional data, Europe takes second place even though no European country features in the top 4. This is due to the large number of countries representing Europe, each of which received a small percentage of votes which tallied up to power Europe into second place. However, the combination of votes for Europe wasn’t enough to capture first place, which belongs to South/Central America which as a region took almost a third of the votes with 30.1%. In reality, there isn’t a world of difference between the top 4 continents, but it is worth noting that the US makes up the majority of the votes for North America, accounting for 14.2% of the 19.5% total.

All users who participated in the survey were also asked to select their ideal penis size. User were provided with a selection of penis sizes from 5 inches or smaller to 7 inches or larger and asked to choose which size was the most appealing to them. The chart below shows the results of this question:

ideal penis size chart

There is a significant spike in the data for penis sizes between 6.1 and 6.5 inches, with over one in three participants selecting this range as the ideal penis size. We can also see spikes either side of this length, with 5.6 to 6 inches receiving 18.3% of the votes and 6.6 to 7 inches receiving 21.8% of the votes. According to a study published on NHS.co.uk, the average penis size for men worldwide is between 5.5 and 6.3 inches, with our study indicating participants prefer the upper end of that average.

In conclusion, we can see that the participants of the study have declared the United States as the “Home of the Most Well-Endowed Men”. We can also conclude that South/Central America is the best region to find men who have that extra little bit, but Europe and North America are also a good bet. Our participants’ preference for an above average sized penis will be cause for celebration across the US!

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