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Dirtyroulette Help & FAQ


What is Dirtyroulette?

Dirtyroulette is a leading adult chat roulette service. We provide a fast and fun way to meet like-minded people using only your webcam and internet connection. You can choose to meet thousands of other random strangers using Dirtyroulette or to watch incredible live cam shows in the “Girls Only” section.

Is there anything special about Dirtyroulette?

Yes! Dirtyroulette stands out from other random chat sites because we have designed the site for adults who want like minded adults online.

Is Dirtyroulette free?

Yes! Basic chat features on Dirtyroulette are free to use. You can begin chatting right away by just clicking the “Start” button above and allowing access to your webcam.

Who uses Dirtyroulette?

Dirtyroulette is an international platform with adults from all over the world chatting, flirting and having fun on cam. There are no rules as to who can use the service as long as you are over 18 years old or the age of majority in your jurisdiction.

Do I have to have a webcam to use Dirtyroulette?

While you can chat and see other people without having a webcam, it defeats the purpose of the site if you do not use your cam. Many users select the option to connect with only people who have their webcam turned on, and therefore you are less likely to establish connections without a webcam.

I have a question/feedback I want to share. How can I send it?

If you have a question or would like to submit feedback about our service, you can contact us here. We are always happy to hear suggestions from our users and take every idea, question, and feedback seriously.

Where can I find the terms of use and privacy policy?

Here are the links for our terms of use and the privacy policy.

Can I tell my friends about Dirtyroulette?

Yes, of course! Dirtyroulette is a community that works best when there are many people online. You are welcome to share the site on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, or any other social networking sites you use.

Getting Started

What can I expect when using Dirtyroulette?

Dirtyroulette is about meeting new people from around the world and having some fun! You will find people of all kinds using the service and waiting to make new friends, flirt and have fun on cam!

Why can I see two screens on the chat platform?

There are two screens on the chat platform to display both your webcam and the live webcam stream of the person you meet. Your webcam is on the bottom, and your connection’s webcam is on the top.

What is the “Start” button?

The “Start” button is what you click to begin chatting with random strangers. Just click the button, and you will connect to your first partner.

Why does it say “Allow” on my screen?

When you first connect to the chat platform, you are asked to allow the service to access your webcam. Allowing your webcam lets other people on the chat see your live broadcast.

Is Dirtyroulette anonymous?

Yes. As you can see when you use the Dirtyroulette, there is no sign-up or personal information collected before you start chatting. The service is anonymous, allowing you the freedom to have fun without any concerns.

What is the Country button in the top right corner of the chat?

One of the most exciting features on Dirtyroulette is the ability to connect with people from a particular location. When you click the “Country” button, you will see a list of countries which you can choose from if you wish to only connect with people from that region.

Can I remove some countries from the list and not connect with people from those places?

Currently, you can only choose specific countries from the list and chat with people from these locations only. However, we are looking into the idea of having the option to remove some countries from the list and hope to implement it shortly.

Can you show the number of users in each country?

We are currently working on this and will add the feature to our next update of the chat platform.

Can you introduce a filter for connections with different age groups?

Unfortunately, we cannot add this a feature because we are an entirely anonymous chat site. Therefore, we do not collect the necessary information to create this filter. All users on the site are over 18 years of age.

How do I communicate with people in the chat?

There are two ways to talk to people you meet. The first is by using your microphone to talk with them. The second is to use the text chat box to the right of the platform to send them messages.

How do I send the conversation I have written into the text box?

Once you have written something into the text box section, just press “Enter” on your keyboard to send the message. You can also click on the “send” button located beside the area where you type your conversation.

Can I see a conversation I had with someone after I click ‘Next’?

Unfortunately not. Once you click the “Next” button all information from the chat is no longer visable.

What if I do not like the person I meet in the chat?

No problem! Just click the “Next” button, and you will instantly connect with a new person. You can click “Next” as many times as you wish.

What if I like the person I connect with and want to keep in touch?

Dirtyroulette is an anonymous site which offers a platform where consenting adults can have fun. While you can choose to share personal information with someone whom you want to keep in contact with, we highly recommend you do not share any personal information while using the chat.


How do I turn on my webcam?

When you connect to the chat platform, a popup box will request permission to access your webcam. Click “Allow” to let the chat platform access your webcam and enable other users to see you.

It says I am in the wrong country when I am using Dirtyroulette.

We determine your location by the IP address you use to connect to the chat platform. If you appear to be in the wrong country, it may be because you are using a VPN or IP address from that location. If you are not using a proxy or different IP address, please contact us using the link at the bottom of the page and include your IP address and the country our system shows you as being in and we will do our best to fix the problem.

The chat will not open on my computer.

If the conversation does not begin, check your firewall settings and make sure Dirtyroulette has access. Firewalls are the most common reason for people being unable to connect to the chat.

Why can’t I hear the other person speaking?

If you cannot listen to any sounds from the other person on cam there are several things you can do to fix this:

  • Ask the other person if their mic is connected securely and that they have selected the correct sound input from their end
  • Check the output volume on the random chat platform which you can find by hovering over the other person’s webcam feed
  • Ensure the volume on your computer/device is turned on, and the volume level is high


Can I use Dirtyroulette on my mobile device?

Yes. Dirtyroulette is fully compatible with all Apple, Windows and Android mobile devices. To use the site on your mobile device, just navigate to the website using your mobile browser.

Can I access all features on my mobile?

Yes. All features found in the main browser version of the website are also available on the mobile site.

Why is the connection slow on my mobile?

If you are using Dirtyroulette on mobile data, it may cause a delay in the video. We recommend using 4G data or a Wi-Fi connection when chatting on Dirtyroulette using your mobile.


How old do you have to be to use Dirtyroulette?

Dirtyroulette is for adults only, and all users of the site must be over the age of 18. Any users found under the age of 18 will be banned instantly and blocked from the service.

How do I report an underage user?

If you suspect a user is under the age of 18, please report them immediately by clicking on the flag icon on mobile or report button on desktop.

How do I stay safe when using Dirtyroulette?

There are several steps you can take to help you stay safe when chatting online including:

  • Never give out any personal information or data to a stranger
  • Never visit external links or websites provided by a stranger
  • Be aware of people using fake videos posing as real people