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July 7, 2016

Breast Size Comparision Study

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Study of anonymous users on adult random chat site DirtyRoulette has shown that American women have the largest breasts in the world

Los Angeles, CA, July 6, 2016

The country lucky enough to boast the women with the largest breasts is a heavily debated topic, with everyone offering a different opinion on the matter. Now DirtyRoulette, an adult chat site billed as the ‘chatroulette for naked people’, has conclusively answered the question once and for all by discovering American women have the largest breasts in the world after a six month long study.

The study ran from January 2016 until June 2016, and anonymously asked random users of the site to choose which country they felt was home to the women with the largest breasts on DirtyRoulette. The runaway winner was the United States, taking home almost one in three votes and topping the table with 32.2% of the selections, almost 20% more than the runner up Russia which finished with 13.4% of the selections.

“It is no surprise to see America come out on top”, said DirtyRoulette Press Director, Shea Robins, “American women have always had a reputation for large breasts but this study now conclusively proves that the U.S. is home to the largest breasts in the world!”

North America can also proudly declare itself as the region that is home to the women with the largest breasts, gaining a total of 37.9% of the votes, almost 7% more than its closest rival, Europe. Breast sizes in North America, and particularly in the USA, have been on the increase since 1983, going from an average of 34 B to 34 DD, and continue to get bigger every year.

The study also asked users for their ideal breast size, with D-cups or larger gaining over half of the votes, providing another reason for American women to proudly celebrate their new title as “Home of the Largest Breasts in the World” and found that most men don’t mind whether large breasts are implants or natural. The study also discovered what everyone already knows – men love breasts!

breast study graph

About DirtyRoulette

DirtyRoulette is a free webcam chat site for adults where people can use their webcam to randomly connect with strangers from around the world. The site is anonymous and is billed as a ‘chatroulette for naked people’ where users can connect instantly with strangers looking for random cam to cam conversations. The site is available in six languages including English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Italian, with millions of monthly users and over a billion connections in the last three months. DirtyRoulette offers unique features such as the ability to only connect with users from a particular country and an android friendly layout for mobile users of the site.

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